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Returns and Reservations

Apple Creek Merinos is dedicated to producing the finest quality Merino wool and livestock. Buyer satisfaction is of the utmost importance, and ACM will work with you to ensure you are happy with your purchase. 


Return policy

If you are dissatisfied with a fleece or product for any reason, send it back to ACM in the condition it was received within 30 days for a full refund minus shipping.



Shearing will occur late November/early December each year. Please contact ACM directly to request a specific fleece or to receive help selecting one that will best suit your needs. At this time, a deposit is not required to reserve a fleece.

  • If you have specific requests such as fleece weight, when you need it by, or total price to stay below, please let us know.


After shearing:

  • ACM will contact you about the fleece you have reserved with photos and information. 

  • Please verify within 7 days that you would still like the fleece. Fleeces will be prepped and sent out in order of receipt of verification from the buyer. 

  • Show fleeces will be held through the show season, to be arranged on a per-fleece basis with the buyer.


When your fleece is ready to ship:

  • ACM will contact you again with final weight and total price less shipping. 

  • Please respond within 7 days to verify your shipping address and to complete payment before it can be sent out.

  • If you do not respond within 14 days your reservation will be forfeit and the fleece will be advertised for sale.



If you want to purchase an Apple Creek Merinos lamb, contact us directly to discuss options and what your goals with the animal are. At this time, a deposit is not required  to be added to the lamb waitlist.


When sale animals have been selected for the year:

  • Buyers will be contacted in order of their waitlist position on the same day. 

  • The list of available lambs will be published publicly after 7 days of sending to the waitlist.

  • To reserve a lamb, a 20% deposit will be required to hold the lamb for you. Lamb deposits will be accepted on a first-come basis.

  • Show string lambs will be held through the summer, and exact availability dates will be arranged on a per-lamb basis.  

  • ACM reserves the right to directly contact buyers to pre-select lambs based on their stated goals when being added to the waitlist. 


  • Lambs are sold with no guarantee. Testing is welcome at the buyer’s expense. The buyer is responsible for the cost of interstate travel veterinary paperwork.

  • ACM can help arrange shipping, or the buyer can arrange it but depending on destination and age of animal, up to 2 weeks’ notice of ship date may be necessary to complete veterinary paperwork.

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