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Sheep Coats

Coating your sheep can really help in keeping the growing fleece protected from the effects of weather and clean of vegetable matter. They also require more management- tight blankets can cause the wool to felt, and your sheep will invariably find any sharp points in the pasture to catch on!

Apple Creek Merinos are coated year-round and get their first blanket at about an hour old. The benefits of keeping them covered are clear and make for a far superior handspinning product. 

If you would like to order blankets for your sheep, keep reading below for options, then send me an email with your order. Coats will be made to order so expect 1-2 weeks' lead time to fulfill your order.


To determine the blanket size, measure from the back of the neck to the top of the tail:

Find the nearest even number of inches and that is the blanket size.


Blanket sizing.png


Price ($)

size table.png


  • ​Blankets are sized in even number increments from as small as you need to as large

  • Horned sheep modification can be added to any coat for $2

  • Contact me with any questions about additional customization

  • Apple Creek Merinos tend to use 3-4 blanket sizes per year as their wool grows, so keep this in mind when ordering. 



The Fabric

Apple Creek Merinos sheep coats are made from an approx 120 denier nylon fabric. ​It is breathable and does not hold water. 

If you have a color preference, please contact me for current options. 

Ready to order?

Send me a message with your order details or questions to get started!

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