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Off to a good start!

I haven't gone one day since the Black Sheep Gathering show last June without thinking about this year's show and what I need to do to get ready. Well, we got step 1 done on Jan 1st with shearing. We had great weather for growing wool over the last year, and all of the fleeces look pretty fantastic.

There are three standouts in particular, which are also already sold to optimistic and trusting people I met at the BSG last year!

Shaun, who won his division taking champion ram, has probably the nicest fleece I've ever grown. It is incredibly soft and fluffy. I've been very careful with his diet, limiting the oils he consumes so it has stayed very white. I'm going to send a sample of his wool to Yocum-McColl for micron testing this year.

Cameo, one of my ram lambs, is a spectacular spotted light moorit color. His fleece isn't far behind Shaun's in quality, but probably isn't quite as fine.

Fuji, also a ram lamb and one of the quadruplets, was a shocker when he was born because he is spotted! I didn't know that Kiwi carried a spotted gene, and spots are recessive. He has continued to surprise me as I also thought he would lighten up to a silver color, but he has stayed a very pure black. His wool is going to be amazing when it is spun.

Needless to say, I can't wait to see what the ladies make with these fleeces!

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